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Recently, I had the chance to check out Jeremiah’s (on Monroe ave) for their “1104” plate. They call their plate “the best plate in town”. Can they live up to their own hype? The short answer is no. They are not the best plate in town. The 1104 plate will cost you $12.14 and was ready when I went to go pick it up. I had my typical order: cheeseburgers, fries, mac salad and everything else – hold the onions. The amount of variation that Jeremiah’s offers is impressive. They asked me what kind of fries I wanted, for which there were many options. They asked what kind of cheese I wanted on my burger (again a litany of options). They also offer another plate option, the BBQ Pulled Pork plate; which I’d like to try out. For the hefty 12 dollar price tag, there are better options for your plate needs than Jeremiah’s.


They had a few notes on their inspection but nothing critical or worth mentioning.

Meat (Cheese burgers): 3

I mentioned this earlier but it’s worth repeating; they offer tons of options to customize your plate. Cheese options included: provolone, American, Pepper jack, Swiss, Mozzarella, and Cheddar. The burger was fine, nothing special. It was a bit overcooked but I would rather they overcook the meat than under cook it.

Meat Sauce: 2

The meat sauce on this plate was bad. It tasted like a marinara tomato based sauce; like one you might find on pasta. It hammered home the importance of balance. The garbage plate is a delicate ecosystem.

Potato Side (Curly Fries): 3

There were a ton of options for the potato side including: Curly fries, Tater tots, steak fries, and onion rings. I chose the curly fries which were not the best. They were a bit crispier than I would usually prefer. Next time I’d go for the steak fries or the tater tots; I do love me some tater tots.

Mac Salad: 5

One of the few bright spots of this plate was the mac salad which tasted like it was homemade. It was a bit mayo heavy but it was enjoyable.

Bread: N/A

I did not receive bread with my order.

Portion Control/Composition: 3

The whole plate flavor profile was in a word: overpowering. Every flavor was competing and clashing with each of the other flavors on the plate. There was no continuity between the flavors on the plate either. Additionally, the whole thing felt rather heavy and greasy.

Overall Score: 3.20

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