A few weeks ago, I put a poll on Instagram with the question of “What should I eat next, a regular plate or a unique plate?” Most respondents voted for me to try something “unique”. With that in mind, I finally tried the vegan plate from The Red Fern. I’d been meaning to check out The Red Fern a few months ago. When I got there though, the place was small and there was a line which gave me anxiety. I was in a hurry and couldn’t wait around; so, I went somewhere else.

The Red Fern offers a variety of options for whatever your dietary restrictions may be. For 12.50 you can get their “Compost Plate”. Which has mac salad, sweet potato salad, spicy “meat” sauce, balsamic field greens, Focaccia toast and choice of protein. As a meat eater, their plate was different; but good. I didn’t notice the lack of actual meat and I quite enjoyed the plate. Let’s break it down:


They had no violations at all; which is amazing. I would for sure recommend eating here from a health/safety perspective.

“Meat” (Lentil Burger): 5

I enjoyed the “burger” here; it was tasty and very satisfying. However, When I started mixing the ingredients together it got completely lost.

“Meat” Sauce: 4

The “meat” sauce was great; it was spicy and had a good texture.

Potato Side (Sweet Potato Salad): 2

I’m all for trying new things. That’s why I bothered to create this blog. I wanted to try new plates and see everyone’s take on them. That said, “Sweet potato salad” is trash. It was also cold; and not, “lukewarm” cold like, “we brought this from the fridge and put it on the plate” cold. It was also not better on a plate, than fries. The texture of it was more like a mashed potato thing which got lost when you mix the plate around.

Mac Salad: 4

The mac salad here was unique, and good. I liked their pasta choice as well.

Bread: 4

The focaccia was decent, nothing special and a bit bland.

Portion Control/Composition: 4 

There were a lot of reasons that this plate lost points. A big problem I had with this plate was that I felt like they don’t give you that much food. The ingredients mixed together well, but there were some weird parts that stuck out to me. I was initially skeptical about the salad but it worked here. Additionally, the sweet potato salad was not great. One positive about this plate is that afterward I didn’t feel like crap. Which was nice. This plate is worth a try; even for people who eat meat.


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