When I initially reviewed Vasko’s it was called “Park Ave Plates and Shakes”. I stopped in on a bit of a whim, and for $10.50 I received one of the best plates I’ve ever had. It’s not clear to me why they decided to change their name. In my brief time there I could tell that this place was different and that the quality would be different than what I have become accustomed to. Let’s break it down:


This place hasn’t been open long and I had some trouble finding information related to their latest health inspection. That and they recently changed their name. That said, it seemed fairly clean when I went in there; but you never know.

Meat (Cheeseburgers): 5

I found the burgers here to be quite good, I don’t think they’re the typical frozen stuff but I could be mistaken.

Meat Sauce: 5

Fully flavored and well balanced. This is a kind of quintessential meat sauce that you’ve come to expect and rarely receive.

Potato Side (Home fries): 4

Bagged frozen home fries that aren’t unusual. That said, they were seasoned well.

Mac Salad: 4

The mac salad tasted homemade but I’m not 100% sure on that. I will say that I felt it was a bit bland and underwhelming.

Bread: 5

Ironically, the lady at the counter apologized to me because they didn’t get their “normal” bread delivery so they had to buy bread from somewhere else. That said, the bread I had was very good. It was fresh and quite good.

Portion Control/Composition: 5

They give you a good amount of food and the quality is high. The plate has great plate synergy and everything just works together.

Overall Score: 4.67

This was a pleasant surprise for me. It’s rare that I have a plate that I enjoyed this much. I’d like to re-review it to make sure that I’m not completely off base but I think this is the next big thing in plates.

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  1. Honestly for you to pick this as your number one plate has me questioning every review you’ve ever done. Had this plate tonight and it was so underwhelming. For a place to say ‘its all about the sauce”, the sauce was just ground meat with no flavor. Other places have much better sauce. The Mac salad was very bland also. I wouldn’t go back for a plate honestly. I talked to other people who tried this place and we all felt the same. This site has alot of question marks after naming this their number one.

  2. This is spot on. Vasko’s is the original Irondequoit Hots. The meat sauce is the best around, homemade mac salad too that doesn’t cut it with celery. This will always be our go-to plate. Wish they were still in I-town, but worth driving and finding parking on Park. So glad they reopened under the new name.

  3. Seems hit or miss. I went for the first time based on this review and, while the flavor of the meat sauce was pretty good, it deposited about 1/3 cup (not exaggerating) of pure grease at the bottom of the plate, which had soaked into the home fries (which weren’t that crisp to begin with) within a few minutes and turned them into a tasteless soggy mess. The mac salad was similarly brought down by the grease. Staff was super nice, but I definitely won’t be back for another plate.

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