Scottsville Hots – Review

MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Please note, I have edited this review based on some feedback I received from the owner of the restaurant. This feedback was specifically related to the burgers, the home fries, and the health inspection. You will see the edited portions as a strike through with my comments next to it.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to check out Scottsville Hots and try their Cheeseburger Plate. People had been requesting this spot for a while, so I figured I’d check it out. For 14.04 you can  get their plate offering. The price is a tad high for what they’re serving, but they do give you a lot of food, which is nice. Let’s break it down:


There was an inspection done in February which turned up one critical violation which has me a bit concerned. Specifically:

  • Cooked or prepared foods are subject to cross-contamination from raw foods.

This is a problem. We’ve been over why this is a problem, but in case you need a reminder:

Historically, I’ve deducted a full point from the composition score for this violation. Today will be no different.

EDIT: After a brief conversation with the owner of the restaurant, this infraction may be a bit punitive. I can only rely on what the health inspectors note at the time of their review when I do these posts. I often don’t get to hear the other side of the story. The video above is not a depiction of the cleanliness of their restaurant, it’s merely there to illustrate an extreme example and help people understand what cross contamination is. The penalty will stand, but like anything else, there are two sides to every story.

“Meat” (Cheeseburger): 4

I felt the cheeseburgers were solid, but nothing special. It didn’t taste like they make the patties by hand, but I could be wrong.

EDIT: I was alerted by the restaurant owner that these burgers come from Palmers and are prepared fresh there.

Meat Sauce: 3

The meat sauce was almost sweet, I wasn’t a fan. Additionally, I felt it was a bit bland an uninspired.

Potato Side (Home Fries):  5

They cooked the home fries well. I realize they come from a frozen bag, but regardless, I enjoyed them. I think they also season them with max spice. I was detecting notes of max spice throughout the meal, it could be that they use it in their sauce but I’m not sure.

EDIT: I initially mentioned that I believed that the home fries were from a bag. I believed this to be the case because when I was there I overheard an employee mention grabbing a bag of fries from the freezer. I incorrectly assumed that this meant that the fries were frozen. I was mistaken, they are fresh cut fries that they vacuum seal. My confusion is understandable, but I was wrong.

Mac Salad: 4

The mac salad was good, but the mayo was a bit too heavy for my personal liking. I’ll also point out that they had carrots and celery in the mac salad which I enjoyed.

Bread: N/A

I did not receive bread with my order.

Portion Control/Composition:  3*

This is a solid plate, and they give you a ton of food. If you find yourself in Scottsville, you should stop by and give it a shot. That said, the health inspection violations are concerning. Also, the price point is higher than I would expect for similar level plates. Without the point deduction, this plate is on par with places like Hungry’s or Tom Wahl’s. Hungry’s is a good comparison, they’re similar in taste and composition.

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