Happy Days On The Go is a bit of a throwback. I can only imagine that it’s what it was like to go to the first Bill Gray’s or Tom Wahls. It’s an ice cream stand that serves burgers and hotdogs. For $10.77 you can get the “slop plate”. Let’s discuss:


There were five non-critical violations from a re-inspection done on 8/16/21. This is fairly high but not unexpected. That said there were some critical violations from a previous report. I’d feel comfortable eating here again but it’s just worth keeping an eye on going forward.

Meat (Cheeseburgers): 3

A solid burger, nothing special. The cheese was decent but not anything too exotic or surprising. I’d also like to mention that the burger isn’t seasoned particularly well, if at all.

Meat Sauce: 4

The meat sauce had too much tomato in it. I could literally smell it in the car as I was driving home. The meat sauce does have a nice kick to it which helped to redeem the plate for me.

Potato Side (Home fries): 4

These clearly come from a bag, but they were enjoyable.

Mac Salad: 4

The mac salad here tasted like generic grocery store mac salad.

Bread: 3

A plain boring roll.

Portion Control/Composition:  4

They give you a ton of food which is nice, but overall I felt that the plate tasted a bit muted. Like they didn’t want to offend anybody with this one. There was also too much mac salad on the plate, which made the end a bit of a slog.

Overall Score: 3.67

Not much to say on this one, there are certainly worse places you could get a plate. There are also a lot of other places that are much better to get a plate. If you’re in the area it’s worth giving a shot, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for this one.

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  1. I went to the one in Greece thinking it was Whimpy’s but it must have been sold or rebranded.
    Agree with the review & mine was a little light on the meat sauce

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