And… we’re back! It’s been a long time since I had the pleasure of sitting down in front of a plate. I had a moment to myself so I decided to venture down to Monroe Ave and try out Marshall Street. I’d been meaning to do a review here but I kept putting it off. For 11$ you can get their version of the plate. This plate is one of the best kept secrets in Rochester – you heard it here first!  Please join me on this magical journey into the wonderful world of heart disease and excess:


There were no health inspection notes to speak of in this establishment. Their last inspection was in July 2017.

Meat (Cheese burgers): 4

They cooked cheeseburger well; it wasn’t your typical hockey puck burger. They made a unique choice with the cheese that they used, which was a nacho cheese (more about this later).

Meat Sauce: 5

One of the most important parts of any plate. The meat sauce had a subtle kick to it and wasn’t too greasy. The texture was good and it too was bursting with flavor.

Potato Side (Waffle Fries): 5

Waffle Fries! I love me some waffle fries. My one complaint was that I wish that there were more of them.

Mac Salad: 4

The mac salad was quite interesting here. I dare say they make it in house. It had large diced carrots in the mac salad that took me by surprise but was quite pleasant. There was also celery that I found quite appetizing. They almost tricked me into believing I was eating something healthy – almost.

Bread: N/A

I did not receive any bread with my order.

Portion Control/Composition: 4

This is one of the better tasting plates you’ll find in Rochester. It has a unique heat to it and the nacho cheese sauce is decadent and mouth-watering. That said, the plate, due to the to the aforementioned nacho cheese sauce, was very heavy. It was almost like eating a plate soup. After a short time, the plate got soggy due to the cheese and meat sauce. Less cheese sauce and more fries would help to balance the plate a bit better. As you can tell by the photo, they aren’t stingy with the food so come hungry.

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