The Frog Pond – Review

For the first time in a long time, I had trouble finishing a plate. In the past, I’ve had trouble finishing plates because there was “too much” food. I’ve never had an experience where a plate grossed me out. I’ll elaborate, the “Pond Plate” from Frog Pond comes with:

“Choice of Ground Round, chicken breast, or sausage patty with mac salad, onions, mustard  + house-made hot sauce topped with Frog Legs and Choice of Home Fries or French Fries.”

When I was reading the menu over, I saw “Frog Legs” and thought, “no way they’re actual frog legs, that doesn’t make sense.” How wrong I was. How very wrong I was.

I’m going to preface this by saying, I don’t eat “exotic” shit, I have what’s known as a “gutter-pallet”. I like cheap, shitty food that makes you feel bad after eating it. It should, come as no surprise to anyone that I’ve never in all my 31 years had frog legs. To help illustrate this point, it didn’t occur to me that frog legs had bones in them, that’s how far out of my element I was. For 12.96 you too can get the “Pond Plate” and have a culinary experience unlike any I’ve had before.


It would appear that the D&C have updated their restaurant inspection site. It’s a welcome change and now the search actually works!

That said, there were a few minor issues on their health inspection. I’m not too concerned about the food safety here, but it is worth keeping an eye on.

Meat (Cheeseburger): 4

The burger was quite good and tasted homemade. It was a rather thick burger that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Meat Sauce: 3

The meat sauce was a bit mediocre and bland. It was nothing special.

Potato Side (Home Fries): 5

The home fries carried the plate, they were homemade and tasted wonderful. You could see the potato skins on the home fries as you were eating them.

Mac Salad: 4

The mac salad was enjoyable and not the standard mac salad that you get everywhere else. It had heavy mayo and quite a bit of vinegar as well.

Bread: N/A

I did not receive bread with my order.

Portion Control/Composition: 3

The plate was decent, and they give you a lot of food. Aside from the frog legs which were gross and completely unappetizing. The meat sauce here was rather boring and bland. It’s worth checking out as it’s a unique plate and I’m sure you can get it without the frog legs.


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