Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint – Review

Ah 2017, a simpler time. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane before we get started on this one. I last reviewed Sticky Lips at their old location on Culver. Back then the plate cost me 13.99, which at the time I felt was expensive (lol!). The new location opened up a few years ago and ever since I’d been meaning to check it out. the plate I received from the old location will live on in plate lore as one of the best plates I have ever had. Could the new location live up to the old hype? Tl;dr, Yes! Let’s talk about it:


There were a series of non-critical violations which is concerning. That said a lot of the violations seem largely irrelevant such as “lighting” and “food dispensing units not properly stored”. Based on this, I would feel comfortable eating here.

Meat (Brisket!): 5

“Delicious brisket; mouth-watering, soft, not too fatty. An absolute delight, and goes well with the rest of the ingredients.” – me from the last time I did this review. It still holds true; the brisket is the next level of meat.

Meat Sauce: 4

I felt that the meat sauce here, while good, was not exceptional. It’s very serviceable; but it won’t blow you away.

Potato Side (Fries): 5

Clearly hand cut from real potato; not that Sysco frozen junk you see in so many places.

Mac Salad: 4

I felt that the mac salad here was good; I thought I detected a hint of horseradish in it which is an interesting touch.

Bread: 5

“Cornbread. Motherfucking; cornbread. Their cornbread is moist and delicious.” – Me, from 2017. Still holds true and there is no better bread option in all of Rochester than at Sticky Lips.

Portion Control/Composition: 4

I felt they could have given us a bit more food; that was my one major complaint about this plate. On the plus side, I didn’t feel gross after eating it because I didn’t over eat. All in all, Sticky Lips is still one of the best plates in Rochester.

Overall Score: 4.5

I noticed that for whatever reason, I stopped including the overall score down at the bottom of my posts. I don’t know why I stopped doing that. I took a look and noticed that my review of south wedge hots was when I stopped; I probably just didn’t copy the previous post and forgot to add in the overall score.

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